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A twist on tradition.

We are constantly finding new ways to give you the familiar fun of a Photo Booth with fun new twists you haven’t experienced before.

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Greenscreen Photo Booth

Our green screen booth can print traditional phothobooth strips or postcard prints and also has the ability to record video. EVERYTHING is customizable from the welcome screen to the print layout and backgrounds. Having the ability to use your custom logo or artwork gives everything a clean and cohesive feel.


Photos in motion. Remember sitting in class, doodling on the corners of your notebook, then flipping through them to animate your masterpiece? Flip books is like the high tech version of that. Grab a group, and dance around in front of the camera for 7 seconds. Then we’ll print out a series of photos from your session and bind them in custom covers featuring your logo or chosen artwork. You flip through the book and experience the illusion of movement. Then you suddenly feel inspired with an even greater skit to act out in front of the camera, and you do it all over again. Voila.

Digital Guestbook

It’s a booth without a booth! If a yearbook and a Photo Booth had a baby, our digital guestbook would be it. Our roving photographer snaps photos of guests, then allows them to write a custom message to the guest of honor using an iPad (similar to writing a message in a traditional guestbook). We edit it all together and provide you with a hard bound coffee table style book.

Live Instagram Feed

Turn your guests into your photographers. Everyone is going to be snapping and posting to social media like crazy. Make it a shared experience. Using a custom hashtag of your choosing, we’ll project all photos with the hashtag on screen for all to see. It’s a collaborative guest fueled slideshow